Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sarısu Picnic Area is ready for summer

Sarısu Picnic Area, one of the free services of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality offers to citizens, is getting ready for the picnic season.

Deployed on approximately 34 hectares on the western side of Antalya Harbor, Sarısu Picnic Area is being lightened in order not to face security problems at nights. Energy saving lamps are placed in every 15 meters.  As the works completed Sarısu Picnic Area will shine even at nights. Besides lightening, security cameras will be installed at the area.

The area is decorated only with wooden city furniture, pergola and picnic tables and has 17 toilets, (5 for disabled people), 8 showers and changing rooms, 12 buffets, 58 fountains,58 shades and barbeque units. At the area 250 families can have picnic at the same time.

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