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The 2nd International Guitar Festival

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality works continuously to make Antalya the city of cultural and art. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is organizing the 2st International Antalya Guitar Festival on 12-16 February at Antalya Culture Center.

Turkey’s recognized masters of the guitar and famous artists from Russia, Ukraine, Austria, and Spain will attend to festivalAs a part of festival, conferences and workshops will be held for students. Public concerts can be viewed for free. Antalya has announced its name worldwide with the International Piano Festival, now Guitar Festival will be hosted in Antalya.

The artists are Ahmet Kanneci, Anna Likhacheva, Johann Parlier, Ozcan Dal, Soner Egesel, Ignacio Rodes, Bekir Kucukay, Eren Sualp, and Kamil Cagatay Azat

The 2st International Antalya Guitar Festival, which is organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural and Social Affairs.

Festival Programme:

Day1: 12 February
10:00 - 10:30
Masterclass Registration
14:00-17:00Masterclass (Mustafa Erhan) – AKM Perge Concert Hall
19:00-20:00Exhibition Openning and Cocktail - AKM
20:30-22:00Ignacio Rodes Guitar Recital - AKM Aspendos Concert Hall

Day2: 13 February
10:00-12:00‘Variations on Arabesque’
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Bayraktar Katal – AKM Perge Concert Hall
13:30-14:30Eren Süalp Guitar Recital - Yenimahalle Cultural Center
14:00-17:00Masterclass (Ignacio Rodes) – AKM Perge Concert Hall
20:30-22:00Bekir Küçükay Guitar Recital - AKM Aspendos Hall
Day3: 14 February
10:00-13:00Masterclass (Soner Egesel) – AKM Perge Concert Hall
13:30-14:30Özcan Dal Guitar Recital - İsmail Baha Sürelsan Conservatory
18:00-20:00Panel ‘Why Culture Is Necessary, What is the Contribution of Festivals to Culture?’ – AKM Perge Concert Hall
Chairman :Prof.Dr. Ertuğrul Bayraktar
Participants :Prof.Dr. Adnan Turani
Prof.Dr. Ahmet Kanneci
Ahmet Say
20:30-22:30Anna Likhacheva Guitar Recital - AKM Aspendos Concert Hall

Day4: 15 February
10:00-12:00‘Baroque Period Guitar Music’ – AKM Perge Concert Hall
Speaker: Dr. Soner Uluocak
13:30-14:30Soner Egesel Guitar Recital - Akdeniz University Atatürk Conference Hall
14:00-17:00Masterclass (Bekir Küçükay) – AKM Perge Concert Hall
20:30-22:00Johann Palier Guitar Recital – AKM Perge Concert Hall

Day5: 16 February
10:00-12:00Guitar Making, Maintenance and Choice
Speaker: Arif Türker Gündoğdu – AKM Perge Concert Hall
13:30-14:30Kamil Çağatay Azat Guitar Recital - Murat Paşa Municipality Concert Hall
14:00-17:00Masterclass (Johann Palier) - AKM Aspendos Concert Hall
20:00-22:30Gala - AKM Aspendos Concert Hall

Presenter: Toprak Sergen

Closing Speech of the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Prof.Dr. Mustafa Akaydın

Announcement of Antalya Guitar Festival Competition’s Winner,
The Award Ceremony and Winner’s Concert
20:30-22:30Ahmet Kanneci Guitar Recital - AKM Aspendos Concert Hall

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