Thursday, November 22, 2012

Antalya City Blog is Now Even More Powerful: We are Glad to Introduce Our New Authors

As you know, Antalya City Blog is an one-stop blog-azine pertaining to life and style, bringing you articles on Antalya City. You will be able to access information about Antalya. Antalya City Blog is Now Even More Powerful. We are Glad to Introduce Our New Authors. 

Diana Chen Qin:

Our new Fashion Editor Diana Chen is a fashion blogger with over 20,000+ followers on She is Chinese but she was born and live in Portugal. She visited over 25 countries, she loves learning about new cultures and places.

She will give style and fashion tips to our members. Ans she will inspire to women in Antalya and our other followers.

Germenis Panagis:

Our new author Panagis Germenis is from Greece. He is an expert on political science and international relations. He is currently live in Istanbul. He loves Antalya. He is very social person and experienced in tourism.

Panagis Germenis will share the experiences of Greece in tourism and transfer them to Antalya through his articles.

Mustafa Aksu:

Our other new author is Mustafa Aksu who from the East Turkistan. Mustafa is a resource manager - Heading up the Contract and Permanent SAP and Cloud recruitment Strategy activities for a portfolio of European based clients, both nationally and internationally. He lives in Istanbul. He loves to spend his holidays in Antalya.

Mustafa Aksu will take a closer look at Antalya and Asian tourism market through his articles on the Antalya City Blog.

In short, with the New Author Team, Antalya City Blog will continue to lead on introducing tourists of many nationalities to Antalya and promoting Turkey.

Lastly, thank you very much to everyone, because we would not have made this far without your support.


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