Monday, November 19, 2012

Antalya City Blog always support Antalyaspor!!!

As usual, we went to the Akdeniz University Stadium to support Antalyaspor Football Club against Beşiktaş as the Antalya City Blog. 

Despite we lost the match against Beşiktaş, Antalyaspor is still the first in the Turkish Football League with Galatasaray. 

On weekends, we recommend you to go Antalyaspor football matches to have a really great time with your friends 
in Antalya.

We took some photos in the stadium 
during the Antalyaspor - Beşiktaş game.


  1. Great to be watching a wonderful football match on a weekend. I hope the Philippines' football pride "Azkals" would have a chance to play against Turkey's team. That would surely be a hit!


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