Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Side 12th International Culture & Art Festival

Holidaymakers could enjoy the 12th International Culture and Art Festival in Side which was from 25 August - 30 September 2012.

The Side International Culture and Art Festival is the result of enthusiastic and persistent efforts of the Municipality of Side since 2001. Side owns outstanding Roman and Hellenistic heritage and today is an important Mediterranean resort town, distinguished with the quality standards of its tourism facilities. The Festival presents impressive performances by renowned interpreters at magnificent venues such as the Ancient Theatre of Side and the Temple of Apollo.
All events will start at 9.30pm and there is no cost to enter. The aim of the festival is to showcase a number of world famous orchestras, musicians and dancers which will each contribute towards a combined celebration of art, history, music and tourism.

This festival has been European Festivals Association (EFA) member since 2010. 

Festival Program:

25 August: Vienna Schloss Schönburnn Orchestra
28 August: Massimo Mercelli & Luis Bacolov Duo
30 August: Golden Trombone Orchestra
02 September: Türksoy Chamber Orchestra
05 September: Antalya State Symony Orchestra
08 September: Enbe Orchestra
11 September: Hakan Aysev Orchestra
13 September: Beijing Symphony Orchestra
15 September: Ege university Folk Dance Ensemble
18 September: Anadoluniversity Symphony Orchestra
21 September: Lezginka Dagestan Folk Dance Ensemble
24 September: Antalya State Symphony Orchestra
27 September: Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin All Stars
30 September: Side Festival Orchestra

For More Information: http://www.sidefestival.com


  1. OMG that looks so cool, would love to visit.
    I'm following you here, hope you can check us out and follow back if you like. xx

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