Monday, July 23, 2012

The 59th Issue of GM Tourism and Management Magazine Was Released!!!

 Is the Queen Naked?

The 59th Issue of GM Tourism and Management Magazine was released. It is the professionals' reference supply for 9 years. In the 59th edition of GM Tourism and Management Magazine, there are very special issues and interviews.

In the latest issue of the GM Magazine, editor in chief of GM Magazine, Selcuk Meral, highlighted the need of creating of a center where the tourism data are collected with titled Tourism Data Center (TDC).

Editorial Manager of the GM Magazine, Sabriye Çay, highlighted the importance of EXPO for Antalya and the potential for tourism and cultural structures in her article "Whose EXPO 2016?

In addition, the new issue of the GM Magazine, there are many interesting articles such as Tourism Board Model 2012. Moreover, there are exclusive interviews with Antalya Chamber of Industry (ATSO) President Osman Çetin Budak, Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV) President Nizamettin Şen, Calista Luxury Resort Hotel General Manager Ali Kızıldağ, Young chef Serkan Bozkurt in the latest issue of the GM Magazine.

Antalya is the Capital of Tourism, but It may be the Capital of Culture?

GM Magazine explored this issue with artists and art lovers.

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