Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous Russian Music Group Fabrika (Фабрика) Performed in Bogazkent

Russian music group Fabrika gave a concert in Antalya's shining tourism town Bogazkent in 5 stars Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa on May 2.

Triple (Alexandra, Ekaterina and Irina) female singer group is Russia's most famous group. While Fabrika mostly sing in Russian, they have sung songs either partially or wholly in English, French, Italian and Kabardian.

The Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel&SPA is situated in Belek/Boğazkent, not far from the center of Belek. The distance to the center of Antalya is 50 km and the distance to Antalya airport is 40 km. The exclusive hotel has 447 rooms and Ultra All Inclusive concept. On the total hotel area of 50.000 m² we offer a lot of activities to our guests of every age. Apart from that we have many places to relax and to make your holiday in our wonderful hotel unforgettable. 

  • Alva Donna Hotel
    Tel: +90 242 731 00 25
    Fax: +90 242 731 00 91
    Address: Sahil District, Mimar Sinan Street, Bogazkent/Belek – ANTALYA


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