Friday, May 11, 2012

Club Ceila Antalya 2012 Opening Party

Are you ready to fly with Dj Zaff in the Club Ceila Antalya?

Club Ceila Antalya opens its doors on Friday, May 11.  

This Friday DJ Zaff and Saturday DJ Burak will perform in Club Ceila Antalya.
Serves 24-hour, daytime as Ceila Beach and at nights serves as Ceila night Club. VIP Beach Club serving as the daytime, as well as all the water sports are all kinds of entertainment and activities throughout the day...

Address: Dedeman Hotel Antalya Turkey
VIP Lounge Bar Reservations: +90 0532. 648 50 55
Ceila Bar Reservations: +90 0533 422 06 36

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