Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Club Aura 2012 Opening Party

Opening its doors first time in 2002, "AURA CLUB" uniting with First Club in Moscow carried georgeous Russian parties to Kemer, Antalya… As every year occures, AURA CLUB continues to organize promotion parties mainly in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, Egypt, Harkov, Riga and Kiev in the year of 2012 as well. AURA CLUB begins new season with an exquisite opening along with new stars and DJs in the year of 2012 with Russian and European stars famous (TIMATI, INNA, DAVID VENDETTA, STROMAE, RIO, ROGER SANCHEZ, DJ CHUCKIE, QUEST PISTOLS, DJ SMASH, NOGGANO, GUF, NYUSHA, PAVEL VOLYA, KAZAKY, DJ RUSLAN NIGMATULLIN) previously staged in Kemer. The club with the capacity of 2500 persons and hosting to 350.000 people along the season have 12 separate bars and 1 sushi restaurant… Customer portfolia consists of 95 % Russian guests… This season, it will open on April 20

In Club Kemer Aura, the concert series will begin on May 1 with Russian artist Timati, and will continue with the Ivan Doric on May 3, Quest Pistols on May 4, and Basta on May 5The Club has a capacity of three thousand people. There will be surprise parties, surprise artists also appear on stage as well as during the summer.

Reservation:  +90 507 690 26 04, Deniz Street, No:3, 07980 Kemer, Antalya.

For More Information: http://www.auraclub.com


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