Sunday, February 19, 2012

European Tourists Enjoy the Sun, Sand and Sea in Antalya City

People enjoy the sun, sand and sea in Antalya City while Europe freezes. The temperatures are under zero degrees in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands. In the heart of Eastern Europe, 90% of the Danube River froze. In the four countries, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia, river transport has stopped.

The situation in Ukraine and Russia is very bad. There are even those who died due to cold weather conditions.

But cold weather also effective in the south of the continent.

In Italy, the situation is also bad. The centre of tourism in Italy, Canals of Venice froze.

However, the temperature is 20 degrees in Antalya City. Tourists from Europe in Antalya enjoy with the warm air, the sun and the sea.

The beaches of Antalya were filled to capacity on Sunday as people sought an escape from the cold weather of Europe.


  1. they surely do seem to be enjoying themselves...hope u r well Isa!

  2. @ Manju, yes, Antalya City is the entertainment and tourism capital of Eurasia.

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  6. I have never been in Turkey :) but definitely I am planning to go !

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