Friday, February 17, 2012

1st International Antalya Guitar Festival

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality works continuously to make Antalya the city of cultural and art. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is organizing the 1st International Antalya Guitar Festival on 21-25 February at AKM.

Turkey’s recognized masters of the guitar and famous artists from Spain, Germany and Japan will attend to festival. As a part of festival, conferences and workshops will be held for students. Public concerts can be viewed for free. Antalya has announced its name worldwide with the International Piano Festival, now Guitar Festival will be hosted in Antalya.

The 1st International Antalya Guitar Festival, which is organized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cultural and Social Affairs, conducted by Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Kanneci, will bring people of Antalya together with the world-famous guitarist


During the Festival, German guitarist Nora Buschmann, Jose Manuel and Francisco Cuenca Morales, who combine piano and guitar successfully, found Duo Cuenca, Japanese classical guitarist Takeshi Tezuka and Guitar Orchestra will meet art-lovers. Turkey's world-famous guitarists Ahmet Kanneci and Eren Sualp will give a concert in the festival. Guitar artists will give concerts at evening; will also attend to conferences and trainings at daytime.

The 1st International Antalya Guitar Festival has a full program. Festival will start with Duo Cuenca concert on 21 February at 20:00 at the AKM Aspendos hall. "Guitar, historical development of guitars and Turkish guitar makers” exhibition will be opened before the concert at 19:00 in the AKM foyer. The exhibition will be held for 5 days, with the participation of Turkish guitar makers, classical guitar's development in Turkey carries a different significance in terms of visibility. Conferences, on subjects such as the history of classical guitar and developments in Turkey, the situation of art and artists in Turkey, will be held during the festival. Free concerts and events will be open to the public.


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