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37 Reasons why Russians want to go live in Turkey

Thirty-seven reasons why Russians want to go live in Turkey (Тридцать семь причин, почему я хочу уехать жить в Турцию)

. On the Internet, discussing the reasons for a better life in Turkey ...

It's no secret that the Internet is today - a very convenient tool for discussions of all sorts of topics. In particular, one of the last subjects of discussion in Russia - the question of why our time is better to live in Turkey...
37 reasons why the Russian desire to live in Turkey according to Russian people;

1. There are no abusive articles on the walls in Turkey.

2. There is always summer and sunshine 340 days in a year.

3. There is no winter and no need to buy every year winter clothes and shoes that burns on the streets sprinkled with salt.

Surrounded by the three hot seas.

There are always fresh vegetables and fruit.

Possible to buy a 60 square meters house in Antalya with selling ramshackle the apartment in Russia.

Except Grim-faced Russian tourists, the people are friendly and polite in Turkey.

8. There are no homeless and needy people that people sick of them.

9. Where the bush is not lying about alcoholics and drug addicts, and the entries of houses are clean and do not remind the public toilet.

10. There for trafficking and drug use are put in jail, and not issue fines or read morality.

11. Communists and the Nazis is not there forever tottering on their flags.

12. I want to see outside the sea and mountains, and not littered with garbage and waste a crowd of drunken and stoned shaven youngsters with swastikas on their sleeves, screaming for my mother.

13. Turkey is home of tulips, not Lenin and vodka.

14. There are no thugs with flashing lights on the roof of the Mercedes.

15. There are not people who claim that the supernatural.

16. They do not solve the issues of demography importation of breeding herd of Chinese and Uzbek people.

17. Where drunk drivers caught behind the wheel, put in prison, deprived of life rights to manage the auto and auto self confiscated.

18. There is no crime doubled annually, and for the robbery did not give three suspended for three and ten rubles strogacha.

They do not go to university to get married or escape from military service, they go to the university to learn a profession or beneficial to society.

20. They respect doctors and teachers.

21. Where the television every five minutes does not get dandruff with a bottle of beer and wings.

22. There is the question of how to get in ... do not send to ...

23. There is no so-called pension reform

24. Where mayors and governors do not kill people, do not take bribes and do not light the taverns to forgive ... ducks.

25. Where every citizen, young and old alike are valued and respected, and officials and the police and the law. There sergeant musorok not stick on the street to the professor of philology, not beat with a truncheon and fleece pockets in broad daylight.

Women do not mention about men as lazy and drunkard men.

27. Men do not try to qualify the above adjectives.

Children treated like demi-god.

No serial killers.

Rivers are not microbes’ slot.

31. There are not trails, but there are real ways.

32. They do not eat pork.

33. Because I do not want to live in a country where AIDS and tuberculosis will soon be greater than in Africa and everything in it...

34. Because I do not want to live in a country where walking on the streets is scared and not safe. They will not kill you for a hundred rubles, and a mobile phone…

35. Because I do not want to live in a country where the primary method of competition-order competitors, and key competitive advantage, brother-in-law in the City Hall or in the organs.

36. Because I do not want to live in a country where the truth is do not go to the police and courts, and to the old chap.

37. And the main point, I want to live in Turkey because the people there have faith, even in another God!

Source:  http://news2.ru

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  1. hi Isa, this is an enjoyable post to read.. i never thought of this topic before..great sharing

  2. Actually, it is one of the last subjects of discussion in Russia. Russians are angry, because of the conditions in their country. So, they compare the living standards in Turkey and Russia. I just wanted to show how lucky we are in Turkey. Some people can only dream about, but we live. :)

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