Friday, September 30, 2011

Airshow Antalya 2011

Antalya's one of the most beautiful districts, Side is getting ready to host the first time an  Airshow on 1-2 October 2011.

The program of Airshow Side, organised by Side Municipality and organized under the leadership of the world's leading aerobatics pilots Ali Ismet Öztürk , includes exciting aerobatic flightsparachute jumpshelicopter model, events such as demonstrations and solo show ofexcitement on the Turkish F-16.

Participants from all over the 3.7 km-long coastline can be viewed in Side, as well as acrobatic flights and demonstrationsespecially in the center of the show will appeal to aviation enthusiasts will have the opportunity to use flight simulators.

The competitors who achieve the highest score in two days  will win with the right to make an acrobatic flight with Ali Ismet Öztürk, the world-famous national aerobatic pilot.

Sound and images recorded, accompanied by a certificate ,during the flight will be given to them after the flight by Side Mayor Kadir Ucar.

Famous American aerobatics pilot Brummettin Barrett will provide an excellent solo show of acrobatics with his 300-horsepower type ,Pitts S2Baerobatic aircraftThen, the "Warrior of the Impossible," the so-called Ali Ismet Öztürk will make a wonderful show with his own design, 407-horsepower aircraft which called "Purple Violets".


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    looks like you know a lot about this . have a nice dayair shows by now

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