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The Port of Antalya

The Port of Antalya Access to  the Turkish Riviera

Breathtaking nature and an astonishing history lie beneath the fluttering blue flags fluttering all along the Turkish Mediterranean coast at Antalya. Starting from Perge located 18 kms from Port Akdeniz, a journey of just 200 kms will take you back thousands of years.

According to legend, Antalya was founded around the middle of the 2nd century BCE by King Attalos II of Pergamum in response to his command “Find me a paradise on earth”. Originally named Attaleia after its founder, the city was located in a fertile region of Asia Minor (Anatolia) where the ancient lands of Pamphylia, Pisidia, and Lycia conjoined. Throughout its history Antalya has been a focal point of culture, art, architecture, and mythology because the “wine-dark seas”, magnificent Toros mountains, exuberant waterfalls, and rich flora and fauna have always been sources of inspiration for the people of this region.

Unspoiled greenery, silvery beaches, and 647 blue-flag coves dotting 630 kms of coastline play host to about 10 million visitors a year, making Antalya the enduring capital of the Turkish tourism industry as well as an important port of call for cruise ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

Port Akdeniz takes pleasure to welcome passengers on three piers with 9.20 m drafts and totaling 510 m (200 m, 170 m, 140 m) in length. There is a passenger terminal (enclosed space 709 m²) at the service of international cruise passenger liners that call at the port. Because of the capacity and convenience of its own yacht basin facilities, Port Akdeniz also plays an important role in domestic and international yacht tourism along the Turkish Mediterranean.

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