Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Antalya City

The city is loved by many for its palm lined streets, charming marina, delicious restaurants, excellent shopping, cosmopolitan nightlife and lots of historical attractions. Each year, millions of people visit Antalya. Fantastic for families, couples and even the more experienced traveler, Antalya’s mix of traditional, cosmopolitan and family friendly activities will ensure everyone will enjoy a holiday in Antalya! You should visit Antalya City..


  1. hi ibg. this is my second visit, your antalya is really a beautiful city with lots of nice sceneries.
    as for the link you requested, can we do this after the eid, cos i am busy until end september.
    will be in touch with you.
    please visit my latest post would love a comment from you too. have a nice day

  2. @ cookingvarieties, thank you very much for your second visit and comment. Sure.

  3. hi IBG. i have put your banner and link at a very strategic spot in my sidebar. please go take a look.
    may i know, are you a travel agent or individual?
    male / female.. just curious, anyway many thanks for your great comments on the roman cena.
    hope you do a link for me too at your blog.. but i think its going to be hidden cos your blog is full of promotion banners on turkey..
    if that is so, there is no need to do the link, but i will appreciate if you keep on following my blog and put comments. i will do the same for you too.
    although yours is not a foodie blog, may be one day you would like to post an antalya traditional recipe (as guest blogger) in my blog... lts say, food is also part of antalya's promotional package..do let me know. have a nice day

  4. @ cookingvarieties, thank you very much!

  5. Waoo I love these pics.. the one with the falls is my fave... beautiful place

    My Stylish Little Secret http://mystylishlittlesecret.blogspot.com

  6. @ Rosa Blanca, thanks. Yes, Antalya is one of the most beautiful cities between Europe and Asia. You should visit here.

  7. Thank you. I follow you back on google friends.



  8. Hey hey! Thanks for your lovely comment!
    I've been a couple of times in Antalya! It's absolutely beautiful! and your photos just prove it!



  9. @ alexandra.samarina, I'm glad you came to Antalyaand know you are always welcome here.

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