Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inessa Nazarova Crowned Miss Eurasia 2011

Inessa Nazarova was crowned Miss Eurasia 2011 at the finale held in the city of Antalya on June 4th. 

  Inessa Nazarova of Kazakhstan is 24 year old and stands 1.76m.

Moldovan 22-year-old Svetlana Syrotiuk became the second in the competition, the French 21-year-old Kristina Kankola was third, and the fourth was 23-year-old Olesya Plyacek of Volga.


  1. eeeh i know kazakhstan has so many more representatives of female beauty... she doesn't look very "eurasian" to me

  2. @ Maryam Yes, You are right. I think, she is not real Kazakh, she might be Russian.

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