Saturday, September 4, 2010

Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2010

Winner is the Republic of Turkey. Turkey is selected as the best country for holidays in the world by the readers of the Condé Nast Traveller.

Earlier this year we asked you to vote for the things you really like about travel, from business hotels to destination spas, airlines to specialist tour operators. From your responses we compiled the Readers' Travel Awards 2010, the best the travel world has to offer...


Turkey is your favourite holiday destination. When asked to score it (with 'a percentage of satisfaction' figure on 10 criteria), you gave it top marks for range of accommodation (86.48) and that increasingly important component of any holiday: value for money (87.20). This year, Italy (88.93) and Spain (85.73) got your votes for food/restaurants, closely followed by South Africa (84.48), while you reckon Australia has the best climate (96.56) and India provides the warmest welcome (you gave it a heartfelt 94.44 for people/hospitality). Egypt scored highest for culture (88.03) and clean-living New Zealand came out on top for environmental friendliness (86.12).

1. Turkey 94.81*
2. Egypt 94.22
3. Australia 93.25
4. Italy 92.36
5. New Zealand 91.37
6. Spain 90.39
7. India 89.65
8. USA 88.94
9. South Africa 88.58
10. France 87.00
11. Mexico 86.29
12. Canada 84.90
13. Brazil 84.20
14. Chile 83.53
15. Sri Lanka 82.51
16. China 81.33
17. Greece 80.70
18. Portugal 79.87
19. Thailand 78.92
20. Morocco 77.49

*What are these numbers? They are an index of satisfaction with travel facilities and services, scored out of a maximum of 100. In our Readers' Travel Awards questionnaire, you were asked to choose the best that the travel world has to offer - everything from hotels and spas to airlines and airports. You were then asked to rate your choices according to various criteria, such as service and value for money. 



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