Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has come to an end.

46. International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Awards
National Film Competition:
* Best Films: “Bornova Bornova” and “Kosmos”
* Best Debut: “On the Way to School”
* Best Director: Reha Erdem for “Kosmos”
* Best Screenplay: Onur Ünlü for “Five Cities”
* Best Director of Cinematography: Florent Harry for “Kosmos”
* Best Music: Mehmet Erdem-Özgür Akgül for “Piano Girl”
* Best Actress: Nergis Öztürk in “Envy”
* Best Actor: Öner Erkan in “Bornova Bornova”
* Best Supporting Actress: Damla Sönmez in “Bornova Bornova”
* Best Supporting Actor: Volga Sorgu in “Black Dogs Barking”
* Best Art Director: Zeynep Koloğlu for “The Master”
* Behlül Dal Special Jury Award: Bahadır Karataş ("The Master"), Emre Şahin ("40"), Evrim Alataş ("Min Dit"), Tansu Biçer ("Five Cities")
* Dr. Avni Tolunay Jury Special Award: “Kosmos”
National Short Film Competition:
* Best Short Film: “Kısır Döngü”
National Documentary Competition:
* Best Documentaries: “They were 100 Thousand” by Metin Kaya and “Me and Nuri Bala” by Melisa Önel
* Best First Documentary: “The Visitors” by Melis Birder and “Prison No. 5” by Çayan Demirel
International Film Competition:
* Best Film: “Paper Soldier”
* Best Director: Georgi Ovashvilli for “The Other Bank”
* Best Actor: Tedo Bechauri in “The Other Bank”
The Cinema Critics Association, or SİYAD Jury Award:
* Best National Film: “Bornova Bornova”
* Best International Film: “The Other Bank”
Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, or NETPAC Jury Award:
* Best Film: “Thirst”
City Council Audience Award:
* Best National Film: “Love in Another Language”
Young Jury Award:
* Best International Film: “Eastern Plays”


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