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Top Reasons to Visit Antalya

An Antalya vacation maybe the perfect choice for you because it is a travel heaven and a tourist hotspot. Antalya is one of the top ten destinations in the world, according to number of visitors and revenues. Are you still wondering “why go to Antalya?” Here are some Antalya information and the top reasons why a Antalya vacation is the ideal getaway.

Sun and Sea Lovers’ Paradise: 
The unique Mediterranean climate and beautiful nature of Antalya allows almost 6 months of summertime. The sandy beaches are splendid and the sea, especially Antalya coastline, is the most amazing. Blue Voyage or Blue Crusing is the most favorite way to visit all the beaches with a yacht while enjoying the “turquoise” sea. This may surely be the highlight of your Antalya vacation. 

Antalya is extraordinary rich in history. Did you know that Antalya hosts the most arhaeological sites in the world? Anatolia is the birthplace of many civilizations, empires, historic figures and legends. 

Main Historic sites in the city center
  • Kaleiçi: the historical center of the city.
  • Ancient monuments include the City Walls, Hıdırlık Tower, Hadrian's Gate (also known as Triple Gate), and the Clock Tower.
  • Hadrian's Gate: constructed in the 2nd century by the Romans in honor of the Emperor Hadrian.
  • İskele Mosque: A 19th century Mosque near the Marina.
  • Karatay Medrese: A Medrese (Islamic theological seminary) built in 1250 by Emir Celaleddin Karatay.
  • Kesik Minare (Broken Minaret) Mosque: Once a Roman temple then converted to a Byzantine Panaglia church and finally into a mosque.
  • Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque: An 18th-century Mosque built in honor of Tekeli Mehmet Paşa.
  • Yat Limanı: the harbour dating to Roman era.
  • Yivli Minare (Fluted Minaret) Mosque: Built by the Seljuks and decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles, this minaret eventually became the symbol of the city

Antalya has the most amazing luxury and boutique hotels in the world. The lavishness and the extravaganza in these hotels are probably unmatched since most of them cater to Russian oligarchs and tourists as well. On the other side, you may find the most beautiful hotels at very affordable rates due to intense competition among travel agencies. 

Authentic gifts, carpets, rugs, kilims are among the tourist favorites and shopping is breeze if you know where to go. There are more artistic features and special creativity in Turkish carpets than any other carpet in the world. 

Turkey’s population is a diverse mixture of many different ethnic origins and that shows when you visit different regions of the country. Each region has different traditions, their own arts, music and foklore, and even their eating habits are totaly unique to the region. Even though they all pride themselves in being Turks, this multicultural environment adds great richness to the country. 

Turkish cuisine is among the best in the world. It is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. There are so many culinary delights like the Turkish tea, Turkish coffee and the famous Turkish delight. You can find these almost anywhere in Turkey, while the most delicious kebabs are in souteastern part. The foods that are brought in small portions before the main course are called “Meze” in Turkish and they are fabulous. They are usually consumed with the most famous Turkish alcoholic drink called “Raki” (anise flavoured national drink). It is also referred to as the “lion’s milk”. Fish also holds a very important place in Turkish cuisine and Fish restaurants and taverns can be found near the bay areas. 

Turkish Bath – Hamam – Spa Experience: 
This is definitely a must if you are intending to visit Antalya. Turkish Bath or hamam as it is called here, will help you relax and unwind and get rid of all your nervous energies. A Turkish Spa is also a favorite among tourists nowadays since it combines traditional hamam experience with more Far Eastern touches like using aromatic smells and certain massages. 

Nature Sports
If you are into nature sports you are in the right place. Hiking, trekking, mountain biking, river rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, wave surfing, kite surfing, paragliding, parasailing, skiing, jet-skiing are among the many nature sports that you can truly enjoy in Antalya. One more Antalya information: The golfing industry has grown very fast over the last few years and Antalya established itself as one of the leading golf destinations in Europe. The golf courses especially in Belek, Antalya are spectacular. 

Business Opportunities: 
Turkey is one of the largest economies in the world yet it is still considered a developing nation. This provides enormous business and investing opportunities, especially in the real estate sector. Your Antalya vacation may turn into a great investing decision as well. 

Relatively Cheap: 
Turkey’s national currency is Turkish Lira. Compared to Euro or Dollar, in terms of buying power, it is weaker. This presents an advantage to travellers who convert their Euros or Dollars to TL and buy stuff in TL. An important tip: Immediately convert your foreign currencies to TL upon arrival to Antalya and pay everything in TL.   


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