Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Season: Best Time to Travel to Antalya

While other parts of Europe are still rain-sodden and windswept in spring, in Antalya things are already starting to heat up. This makes it the ideal city to make an early start on your summer. Think long walks along the beach, eating local cuisine, soaking up the sun, carousing at countless festivals on a warm evening as the sun sets.

Of course, the whole Mediterranean region is getting warmer at this time of year. As a result budget flights are starting to fill up all over the northern hemisphere, long weekends are being planned, and the quest for accessible sun begins. Despite this increasing competition from other destinations, Antalya remains unrivalled.

Antalya is Turkey’s most modern city, blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and a colorful array of cultural delights and natural beauty. So it’s little wonder Antalya has become a year-round tourist destination. The best time to travel to Antalya depends on visitors’ preferences and priorities. It’s wise to keep several factors, including weather, crowds and events in mind when planning your trip.

Spring and early summer tend to boast some of Antalya’s finest weather, with mild to warm temperatures and frequently sunny skies. The weather in May tends to be warm and clear in Antalya, minus the humidity weighing down summer months. June is another warm, pleasant month in the tourism capital and an ideal time to visit, weather-wise. By the end of June, Mediterranean waters surrounding the city are warm enough for swimming. July and especially August can get disagreeably hot, with average temperatures in the 30s and plenty of humidity, even after nightfall.

All photos are taken by Antalya City Blog


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