Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Antalya City Blog passed 12,000 Twitter followers!

This week, Antalya City Blog passed 12,000 Twitter followers on the @AntalyaCityBlog account. 
12,000! We just passed 12k followers! Thank You So Much!

Antalya City Blog – on Twitter at @AntalyaCityBlog – founded by Political Science and International Relations Expert @IsaBurakGonca in 2007 to help as many tourist and travelers as possible inform about Antalya. Antalya City Blog joined Twitter in August 2009.

Antalya City Blog is the most popular city guide for Antalya. ideas, events, guides, answers & more about . Local Knowledge for Global Travellers. 

In 2007, Antalya City Blog was very little known.  In this 7-year, Antalya City Blog has grown with each passing day, and has become the most widely followed blog of Antalya. It is also became the most active blog in social media. We believe in the power of social media

Moreover, today Antalya City Blog has the 5 talented authors, and many representavies around the world.

Antalya City Blog has been a very important member of the international social institutions and organs such as Travel Massive, Bumerang Network, The International Travel Writers Alliance, and Traveldudies.

In addition, Antalya City Blog fights Climate Change! We have joined Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge!

Our blog is no longer an ordinary and a normal blog. It is the meeting point for Antalya tourists, and travelers.

Thank you very much to everyone, because we would not have made this far without your support.


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