Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Antalya City Blog visits Center for EU Projects of Governorship of Antalya

The founder and editor-in-chief of Antalya City Blog Isa Burak GONCA visited head of Center for EU Projects of Governorship of Antalya, Baki Karacay in his office. 

Working together with related organisations, Coordination Center for EU Projects of Governorship of Antalya prepare proposals and conducts multinational EU grant projects. CEUPA also coordinates, assists and supports local public instutitions and non-governmental organizations in developing, proposing and implementing EU grant projects by means of IPA and Community Programs that Turkey partnered. 
Promoting awareness about Turkey's EU accession process in the province of Antalya, CEUPA also develop educational activities, makes presentations, gives professional trainings, organizes meetings and other supportive activities to help improve local human resources and organisational capacities.

Baki Karaçay
Antalya City Blog has announced that the first surprise of 2014. Mr. Baki Karacay is now the new author of Antalya City Blog. He will raise awareness for the EU and Antalya through his articles.

Center for EU Projects of Governorship of Antalya Team
Thanks to Mr. Baki Karacay and Antalya Governorship EU Projects Coordination Center employees on behalf of Antalya City Blog.

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