Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Spectacular Concert by Fritz Kaas and Akdeniz Mızıkacıları in Antalya Old Town

Akdeniz Mızıkacıları & Fritz KAAS
On Saturday (September 28) at 20:00 there was a wonderful concert in a historic mansion in the Old Town of Kaleici by Fritz Kaas and Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group.

Fritz KAAS
Of course, there was a factor that makes this concert even more special for us, Our blog's author Ismail Karayun is also a member of Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group. As well as it is privilege for us to listen other members of the group and famous German pianist Fritz Kaas.

İsmail Karayün

Let's give a little information about the Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group: 

Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group was founded in 2008 under the leadership of Filiz Angay Kutluk and Hakan Kutluk. The Group has a great repertoire such as Latin, Country, Jazz, Blues, Turkish Pop and Classical Music.  Most of the members in the Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group are university faculty members in Antalya. After Filiz and Hakan Kutluk, Evren Tercan, İsmail Karayün, and Selen Nar joined the group. They make music as a hobbyas a volunteer on behalf of society, and without earning money.

Antalya art-lovers came to the concert with the many foreign guests.

Evren Tercan
Concert began with great performance of Fritz Kaas, and continued with peerless performance of Akdeniz Mızıkacıları.
Historic Mansion that the concert was held

After the concert, we had cocktails in the courtyard of the mansion and guests were talking about the concert at this fabulous cocktail.

After-Concert Cocktail

Fritz KAAS's Piano
Our Special Thank You to Fritz Kaas and Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group for this spectacular concert.

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