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The Lycian Way Ultra Marathon

2013 Lycian Way Ultra Marathon is postponed to September 20-27, 2014 due to reservation of international runners on coming to Turkey.



20-27 September 2014


•  The Lycian Way Ultra Marathon takes place in a rough environment, harboring many handicaps. The participants ought to carry both their necessary and mandatory equipments in their backpacks.
•  LYUM runners are expected to run approximately 20–40 km/day. The total run takes 7 days with a long course and a break day.
•  Except the water, all the equipment being used during the race ought to be carried in the backpacks by the participants. Water will be periodically and sufficiently provided by the organization. Each runner brings his/her own food and carries in his/her backpack during the marathon. (We suggest that runners bring Food, including min 2500 units of calories for the oncoming day. Please keep in mind that the marathon last 6 days plus 1 day break and bring enough food for 7 days in total.)
•  The runners are registered after the approval of their health and EKG reports.
•  The runners accommodate in the camping sites for 7 days.
•  The responsibility of the racecourse and the management during the race belongs to the race-director. The routes are provided for the runners as a road-map before the race starts. The racecourse may change according to weather conditions or other factors and the decision right belongs to the race-director. The locations of the checkpoints and the localizations of the base camping areas also may be altered with the decision of the race-director. A kind of brief information about the actual racecourse will be given in every single morning by the race-director in English.
•  Professional medical and rescue teams are 7/24 available.

Please click here for the Competition Rules

Please click here for the Advices
Please click here for the Training Tips
Please click here for the Mandatory Equipments

Application Fee: 1.000 EURO*
The application fee includes*:

•  Medical check up a day before the marathon

•  Dinner at first base camp

•  Healtcare service

•  Emergency Service

•  Tent, WC, shower at base camps

•  Water (@CPs and base camps, hot water also available)- Every 10 km there will be a Checkpoint booth 

•  Tracing device (it will be given to all runners. It is a device that we can follow runners through satellite signals. It has also emergency button)

•  Pass for ancient cities

The historical project of Lycian Way

The project of Lycian Way, belonging to the English originated Turkish citizen Kate Clow used to aim to restaurate the historical Lycian Way originally built in the 4th century by Lycians and to build a spectacular racecourse surrounded by beauties of nature and history.

A 509 kilometers long racecourse, consisting of 23 laps, starting in Fethiye and finishing in Antalya was built sponsored by Garanti Bankasi (a very well-known Bank of Turkey) and Ministry of Culture of the Turkish Republic and opened in 1999.
The track of the Lycian Way is referred as one of the best 10 walking courses of the world by various sources.
The Lycian Civilization: A history beyond 3000 years

The primary archeological evidences about the Lycian Civilization in this area, which has been harboring to various pre-historic human habitations for ages, are from the 1250’s B.C., which actually means that we are talking about a 3000 years long history.  

According to the ancient Egyptian sources the Lycians used to be allied to the Hittites in the early ages. After the Hittites went away from the stage of history Lycia transformed into an independent princedom, and obtained for long years as a federation, consisting of various city-states, very well-connected to each other.

The first Democracy in the history

The Lycians, the ones which have been conquered by the Persian Empire various times after the 6th century B.C., by the Macedonian Empire with the conquests of the Great Alexander and finally by the Roman Empire, have provided their independence between 168 B.C. and 43 A.C. After that, they just transformed to a Roman state and encouraged the federative structure of it, till the Byzantines concluded its existence.

The Lycian Union, which was founded in 168 B.C., was the first democratic civilization of the world and used to be governed by the senate with the votes of the senators from the city-states. The biggest cities, which also managed to obtain till today, like Patara (the Capital), Xanthos, Pinara, Tlos, Myra and Olympos used to have the right to vote triple but the other smaller cities just double or single in the senate. That’s the atmosphere, in which the participants will be camping and through which the has its racecourse.


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