Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Antalya

Yesterday was the July 20 Peace and Freedom Day of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). 

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) will mark the 39th anniversary of the July 20, 1974 Peace & Freedom Day.

Flag of the TRNC
The Greek Cypriots, who wanted to exclude Turkish Cypriots from the ''Republic of Cyprus'' on December 21, 1963 and annex the island with Greece by achieving Enosis (union of Greece), could not achieve their target thanks to resistance of Turkish Cypriots and warnings of Turkey.
Coat of Arms of the TRNC
However, the Greek Cypriots have never abandoned their intention. Greek Cypriots, who supported EOKA which was against delay in Enosis, and the military junta in Greece had made a military coup against Makarios, the ''president of Cyprus'', in order to achieve Enosis as soon as possible.

Many Turkish Cypriot people had been killed when resisting to Greek Cypriot attacks for 11 years since 1963 and they had to live under blockade.

Turkey, which used its rights under the international agreements, launched Cyprus Peace Operation on July 20, 1974 to ensure safety of Turkish Cypriots and settle peace in the island.

Turkish Cypriot people declared July 20, 1974 as Peace and Freedom Day since it brought peace to the island and freedom to themselves.

The TRNC declared its independence in 1983, nine years after a Greek Cypriot coup attempting to annex the island to Greece triggered a Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It has received diplomatic recognition only from Turkey.

However, some European Union countries began to accept the existence of the TRNC. From 20 to 22 July in 2007, a delegation of the Nonviolent Radıcal Party, transnatıonal and transparty composed by Maurızio Turco, Member of the Italian Parliament (Radicals) and Former Member of the European Parliament and Marco Perduca, Member of the General Council of the Transnational Radical Party has visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at the inviation of the local authorıties. 

Throughout the visit they met with the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and members of all political groups. At the end of thir mission, Mr. Turco and Mr. Perduca, in a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have made a formal request to become citizens of the TRNC to the Deputy Prime Minister Turgay Avcı. The Minister of Foreign Affairs has preannounced a visit to Italy during which he will hand over the Passports.

The city of Antalya have been together with Turkish Cypriots all the time and never have not forgotten them.

Yesterday, the statue of , Founding President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Rauf Denktash, by the Municipality of Antalya MURATPAŞA was opened. 

We congratulate the Turkish Cypriot people and wish them happy and peaceful days!

Thanks to Marco Perduca, Member of the General Council of the Transnational Radical Party, who sent us the photos.


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