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Discover Local Bazaars in Manavgat

If you like visiting markets when you travel, this is a great example. It's in a decent part of town, the butchers and vendors are used to tourists, it's colorful and noisy, and it's not too smelly, even in summer. It is full of local life and colour.

For an earthy, organic Turkish experience spend some time at the Turkish farmers markets. A cultural staple in Antalian daily life, the Antalya's local bazaars are outdoor market that spans several several blocks. 

It is held on a designated day, and designated street once a week. Most areas in Antalya have one, and the days vary. Ask any local resident, for more information on when bazaar takes place in your area. The one of the largest market in Antalya is Manavgat Local Bazaar, located in Manavgat.

Amidst the scores of butcher and fresh fish markets, are merchants selling fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and even small house wares. 

Manavgat's local bazaar opens on every Monday and Thursday.

The biggest bazaar in Manavgat is the Big Bazaar opens on every Monday in Aşağı Pazarcı District in Manavgat. The second biggest bazaar opens on every Thursday on Gülveren Street in Aşağı Hisar District in Manavgat.

Bazaar has two parts; 
The First Part is for Turkish textile products such as T-shirts,Shorts,socks and another kind of things related with clothes. 

The second part is definitely related with vegetables and fruits. 

Furthermore, on this Vegetables & Fruits part is only reserved for Manavgat's farmers, they sell their own products such as cheese, parsley, rucola, even chicken. 

If you interested with local things you’ll like this part of bazaar.

For Thursdays and Mondays Bazaar whole Dolmuş (public transport) come to Manavgat from Side, Kumköy, Çolaklı and Gündoğdu.

Here is Time Schedule for Dolmuş from Manavgat to other touristic towns near Manavgat:

Side:              They have dolmuş every 10 minutes /Cennetler District every 10 Minutes.          

Kumköy:       They have same schedule 10 Minutes/Also the dolmuş takes customers to Ilıca.      

Çolaklı:          They two part for their dolmuş service. One is Süral Hotel’s part and Other one is Crystal Hotel

Gündoğdu:   They have dolmuş service direct to Manavgat Only in 7 minutes just for Bazaar Day. Other days are about 15 minutes, except Sundays. On Sunday dolmuş service to Manavgat only in 20 minutes.

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