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The 5th Antalya International Choir Festival

The 5th Antalya International Choir Festival will be held on 03-07 April 2013. The 5th Anniversary: "Carmina Burana" Concert with the mixed choirs and Antalya State Symphony Orchestra As being the 5th anniversary of the festival, the organizing commitee has made a special program for the 2013 edition. 

This year, it is planning to organise a big concert performance of "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff with the mixed choirs selected from festival attendants and Antalya State Symphony Orchestra together. At least 150 chorists and 100 professional orchestral musicians will be perfoming on the stage. Besides popular soloist arriving from europe will be performing together with the choirs and the orchestra as well. The concert is going to be conducted by a Russian Orchestral and Opera Conductor Vlademir Altschuler.

Festival Programme:

03.04.2013 Wednesday 

20:00: Opening Coctail (AKM Entrance Hall) 
20:30: Opening Ceremony & Concerts 
(Ataturk Culture Center Aspendos Hall) 
Choirs Of The Concert 

1- Antalya Major Municipaty Ismail Baha Surelsan Music School Choir 
2- Antalya Ted College Kids Choir 
3- Stiv Naumov Mixed Choir, Macedonia 
4- Limburger Domsingknaben Choir, Hadamar, Germany 
5- Dabrevesk Culture ve Art University Choir, Minsk, Belarus 

04.04.2013 Thursday 
20:30: Festival Concerts 
(Ataturk Culture Center Aspendos Hall) 

1- Istanbul Culture University, Turkey 
2- Amadeus Music School Kids Choir, Antalya 
3- "Angel Manolov" – Sofya, Bulgaria 
4- Bosphorus Women Choir, Istanbul 
5- Obilic Academic Choir, Belgrad, Serbia 

05.04.2013 Friday 
(Ataturk Culture Center Aspendos Hall) 
Concert Performers 

• Antalya State Symphony Orchestra,- Conductor Vlademir Altschuler 
• Antalya Ismail Baha Surelsan Music School Choir 
• Limburger Domsingknaben Choir, Germany 
• Choir Angel Manalov. Bulgaria 
• Obilic Akademi Choir, Belgrad,Serbia 

06.04.2013 Saturday 
12:00-16:00: Competition (Ataturk Culture Center Perge Hall) 
20:30: Awards & Closing Concerts 
(Ataturk Culture Center Aspendos Hall)

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