Monday, April 9, 2012

Free taxi services for disabled people of Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has begun offering “free taxi services” for disabled people of the city to integrate them into society and meet some of their pressing needs.

The Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın continues to provide services for people with disabilities. A specially designed taxi that has a manual ramp and enough width for two wheelchairs provides free transport to people with disabilities in aid of their needs like health and education, as well as social and cultural activities.

 Through the project, those who cannot leave home due to a physical handicap will be able to go to social and cultural events just by calling the municipality.

Citizens with disabilities who want to benefit from the project need to become a member of the Disabled Information Center on Konyaaltı Avenue, by presenting by presenting a health report and a copy of an ID.

Registered users will be able to use the taxi 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For further information about the project, call 0 242 248 55 49.

 Antalya Metropolitan Municipality


  1. This is great, i'm glad about this service

  2. This is a really good thing!:) Have a great weekend Tulpar!

  3. hi Tulpar! wow! this is a very good thing to know!:) thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a great deed and awesome work my the municipality. Thumbs up to them.

  5. This is really cool.! I wish every country will follow soon.

    <3 Marina

  6. This is truly a great help for people with disbilities. I hope our country, Philippines can also provide this social service to all the disabled.

    Dropping by to say hello Tulpar!

  7. A very nice content along with very good information and it is very useful and helpful.Thanks for share


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