Monday, January 16, 2012

European Child Films Festival

The works for World Botanical Expo, regarded as one of the most important organizations in the world and will be hosted in Antalya in 2016 themed Children and Flowers, are begun.  

European Child Films Festival is realized with the cooperation of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, ATSO and UE Information Center. Children will watch many film between 25th-28th january.

Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Chamber of Industry and Commerce and EU Information Center organize European Child Films Festival for the theme of flower and children" of Expo 2016.

The festival will be realized during semestre vacancy, between 25-28th january 2012 at Antalya Culture Center (AKM). The entrance of the festival will be free.


25th January 
13.30: Asterix Vikinglere Karşı (Asterix and the Vikings)
15.00: Niko - Yıldızlara Yolculuk (Niko - The Way to the Stars)

26th January 
13.30: Don Kişot (Don Quixote)
15.00: Kediler Şehri (The City of Cats)

27th january 
13.30: Cüceler Devlere Karşı (Gnomes and Trolls)
15.00: Sevimli Dinozor Tatilde (Cute Dinosaur Holiday)

28th january 
10.00: Don Kişot (Don Quixote)
12.00: Arthur ve Görünmezler (Arthur and the Invisibles)


  1. Another great event taking place at this city and hoping I will be able to come and enjoy any one of the events in the near future.

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