Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miss Eurasia 2011 in Antalya

Date: May-June 2011

Location: Antalya (Turkey) 

Terms of the partnership: Cooperation invited model agencies, the representation of national beauty of CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America. You can declare for the contest winner (prize) of the national beauty contest, a leading model of a winner of a special casting held by you in the territory in your area (perhaps with an invitation to the representative of the Directorate Miss Eurasia "). 

Criteria: Your participant must be at least 18 years old and no older than 28, rising from 170 to 180 cm, with the good, the corresponding figure of the model parameters are not married, with experience of victory in beauty contests. 

Conditions: organizers provide participants travel to the competition venue for the contest, provide all the necessary conditions for accommodation and meals in one of the best hotels in Antalya. 

The prize fund: the basic - for the first TOP-5 winner - is pending. Without exception, all participants will receive valuable prizes and gifts from sponsors and partners of the competition 

Partnerships and Sponsorship: We invite you to cooperate organizations, agencies, boutiques, interested in the quality of advertising and promotion of goods and services in the territory of countries participating in the contest. 

Contest Participants of 2011: Girls from Russia, Georgia, France, Slovakia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine.


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  3. Miss Eurasia2011!
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  4. Cool! Eurasian women are the most beautiful :)) thanks for visiting my blog!

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