Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aspendos Ancient Theatre

Aspendos can be reached with an asphalt seperated from AntalyaManavgat road. The city which is one of the richest cities is found on two hills , one big the other small , 8 km east of Serik where the Köprü brook coming from the mountains reaches the plains. The first name of the city as can be seen from the coins minted was Estwediya. The most powerful money in the antique world was the Aspendos coin. In the Aspendos theater built in the 2nd century BC, in the lower floor of the two tiered facade built of regularly dressed blocks of conglomerate there are five doors through which the actors entered the stage. Small doors at orchestra level belong to the galleries where wild animals were kept. At the middle of the façade at the upper floor in a triangular shape pediment there is a relief of the wine god Dionysos who at the same time was the founder and patron of theaters. The theater with a capacity of 17.000 people is the best preserved standing amphitheater. The secret of the perfect acoustics created could not be revealed up todate. In the 13th century the Seljuks have used this building as a caravanserai and have strengthened the northern part of the building with an arch in typical Seljuk style. Aspendos theater which is at a distance of 38 km to Side can be reached via a 4 km long road after making a right turn on the Antalya-Alanya road after passing through Serik. The theater today is used for various concerts, carnivals, festivals and oil wrestling. Agora, Basilica, Nymphaeum and the arched waterways reaching up to 15 km. are other places worth to see in Aspendos. The Aspendos theater has been hosting the International Opera and Ballet Festival since 11 years. Aspendos Festival which has been chosen as the 5th best Opera festival attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

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