Thursday, November 1, 2012

Anfaş Sports Turkey 2012: Sports Tourism

Our country is in a position, where it owns all the required characteristics with respect to "Sports Tourism", as being a very convenient region for every kind of sportive activity in terms of climatic and geographic characteristics. We will perform the "Anfaş Sports Turkey 2012" Fair in our region, which is subject to the increasing attention of the "sports tourism" professionals both in our country and in the world, every year with the characteristics owned, in order both to accelerate the sports tourism and to address the needs of the industry.

Beyond any doubt, Turkey, which is one of the rare countries in the world, where four seasons are lived together, is a candidate for being one of the most popular regions of the world, in terms of sports tourism. In order to publicize our country's name more in the world and to make it one of the centers of the sports tourism, we believe that Sports Turkey fair, which we will accomplish in Antalya, will be an excellent tool. Antalya, where the maximum number of 5 stars hotels is located in the world, is a unique city for every kind of sportive activity. It has a capacity, which will address every kind of need of sports clubs, with the fully equipped hospital complexes, sports facilities, and unique climate it owns. We believe that this fair has an extremely important mission in order to announce to the whole world that this regions owns exceedingly not only all the characteristics sought for the sun and sea tourism but also for sports tourism and we strongly believe that we will accomplish this mission in the best way. 

Our country, which is a combination of excellent geographical features and the climate, with our many sports facilities having international capacity, our accommodation opportunities, and our hospital complexes serving at global standards, has the potential to be the place, where the heart of the sports tourism will beat. In order to appraise and to announce this existing potential, we will be highly proud to organize a sports tourism fair with international participation and to ensure contribution to the development of the industry by bringing the industry professionals together at this fair. 

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