Monday, October 15, 2012

The First International Olympos Marathon

Olympos Marathon is an enjoyable individual test which starts from Olympus antique city and the foot of Mount Olymp0s and passes through a magnificent Nature and historical landscape and ends in Kemer. The total length of the race course is 42 km 195 mt. and it starts from inside of Olymp0s antique city and continues sometimes from within nature and sometimes through highway and ends in the centre of Kemer. Throughout the marathon; contestants will run on a 6000 mt. pathway, 1000 mt. coast (sand), 14.000 mt. asphalt and 21,195 mt. paved road in total.

Participation is free-of-charge and is open to everyone, local and foreign who certifies that his/her health conditions are suitable.

Olympos Marathon is an event organized under the leadership of GATAB Chairman and Tekirova Mayor Mr. Yusuf ÜRAS for the sole purpose of promoting the natural and cultural wealth of Kemer region as well as to improve sports tourism in the region and to bring liveliness to off-season months by GATAB (Southern Antalya Tourism Development and Infrastructure Operating Association).


The categories are Female Adult (18-40 age group) and Male Adult (18-40 age group), Master Female (41 aged and above),Master Male (41 aged and above).



The contestants who rank in the top 3 in the categories of Male Adult, Female Adult, Master Male and Master Female are awarded with All-Inclusive 1-week accommodation for two persons.

The contestants who come in the 4th place in the categories of Male Adult, Female Adult, Master Male and Master Female are awarded with paragliding from Mount Olympus toTekirova.

The contestants who come in the 5th-10th places in the categories of Male Adult, Female Adult, Master Male and Master Female are awarded with Olympus cable car invitation.

Each contestant who completes the race course is awarded a medal. Everyone who has participated in the race is given a certificate of participation.


20 OCTOBER 2012
Driving from Kemer to Tekirova
Kemer Bus Station
15.30 - 19.30
Allocation of Chest Numbers
Front of Tekirova Amphitheatre
17.00 - 19.00
Pasta Party
Front of Tekirova Amphitheatre
Driving from Tekirova to Kemer
Front of Tekirova Municipality
21 OCTOBER 2012
Driving from Tekirova to Olympos
Front of Tekirova Municipality
Driving from Kemer to Olympos
Kemer Bus Station
Marathon Start
Olympos Ancient City
Award Ceremony
Tekirova Amphitheatre
Tekirova Amphitheatre

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