Monday, October 3, 2011

3rd National Lycian Way Trekking


Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, which juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey's southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the wooded shore and tiny bays, giving beautiful views and varied walking. The Lycians were a democratic but independent people, with a unique art style and a high standard of living. They absorbed Greek culture, and were later conquered by the Romans. Their graves and ruins abound on the peninsula and the walk passes many remote historical sites.

The Route:
The Lycian way is a 509 km way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. The route is graded medium to hard; it is not level walking, but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea. It is easier at the start near Fethiye and gets more difficult as it progresses. We recommend walking the route in spring or autumn; February-May or September-November; summer in Lycia is hot, although you could walk short, shady sections. The route is mainly over footpaths and mule trails; it is mostly over limestone and often hard and stony underfoot.

On the route, except the highest sections you can stay in pensions or small hotels or village houses. On Mt Olympos, on the route to Hısarçandır and above Demre-Fethiye, you have to camp out. There are plenty of camping places with nearby water mentioned in the book; you do not have to ask permission.  The Sunday Times has listed it as one of the world's top ten walks.

Lycian Way

Highlights of the Lycian Way are:

  • Spectacular walks on the slopes of Baba Dagi, beneath the flight path of the paragliders.
  • Stunning descent to Faralya, above the cliffs of Butterfly Valley.
  • The 12km long beach at Patara.
  • Spectacular views over the coast from above Kas and Kalkan.
  • The castle, harbour and sunken ruins at Ucagiz.
  • The church of the Angel Gabriel in the hills above Myra.
  • A fabulous ridge top walk to Finike.
  • Staying at the lighthouse at Cape Gelidonia.
  • Climbing Mount Olympos - 2388m.
  • Splashing in the canyon at Goynuk.
  • The ruins of hidden Lycian cities, the friendliness of the villagers, the quaint old houses in deserted corners, the deep forests and white rocks, and the blue Mediterranean.

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